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A Smart & Convenient CRNI® Exam Prep Tool

CRNI® Academy combines information from four CRNI® study resources ( Core Curriculum for Infusion Nursing, Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice, Infusion Nursing: An Evidence-Based Approach, and Policies and Procedures for Infusion Therapy Acute Care ) into one comprehensive, online study tool. It also includes sample exam questions, hundreds of flashcards, a personalized study plan, and intelligent gamification tools to help you prepare for the CRNI® exam.

A role delineation study conducted by INCC in 2019 resulted in a new CRNI® exam that was implemented in March 2020. The process utilized in this study yielded exam specifications that accurately reflect the scope of practice, promoting the development of fair, accurate, and realistic assessment of each candidate's readiness for certification. It also led to a new content outline for future exams.

The new content outline consists of 3 core areas:

  • Principles of Practice
  • Access Devices
  • Infusion Therapies

What does this mean for CRNI® Academy and existing study materials? Can they still be used to prepare for the new exam? The answer is Yes!

The new content outline while condensed, includes many of the areas found in the previous content outline in the CRNI® Academy. The academy along with the other supporting study materials available through INS*, are effective tools to help candidates sit successfully for the CRNI® Exam.

*Please note: INCC does not endorse these references and is not involved in their development. They are not required for certification.

A Comprehensive & Effective Learning Experience

Study Plan

Make the most of your study time with a built-in study plan that outlines weekly study tasks and keeps track of your activity in real time.


Start a conversation with other students studying for the same test who are ready to help.

Game Center

Test yourself with our fun, engaging games that can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Confidence Levels

Personalize the course by marking lessons and questions with confidence levels so that you can focus on parts that require most attention.

Reports & Analysis

Identify your weaknesses and understand your score better with intelligent reports and dashboard.

Notes & Bookmarks

Create bookmarks and write custom notes to remind yourself of tips, questions, or concepts that you want to revisit later.